Ask Sheri

Sheri Stolp, is a published author, speaker, coach, trainer, and founder of The Stolp Group Inc, encompassing 25+ years of human resources management experience within various Fortune 500 organizations.

Merit Increase Dilemma

Dec 21st, 2018

Considering the economy, our organization simply cannot afford to provide employees the normal annual merit increase i.e. 2 or 3%. Our management team has been debating the proper course of action here, with some advocating the need to offer a small amount, averaging 1-1.5%, while others nothing at all. I defer to the group on most occasions, although with the uncertainty of 2010, I'm personally in the camp of offering a 0% increase and generating employee motivation in other ways. Can you offer any insight here? I should also note, we did experience a small-scale layoff during the 2nd quarter this year.


The Millennial Generation

Mar 22nd, 2018

I've been a small business owner for over two decades although now seem to be dealing with daily problems involving, shall I say our "younger" generation. Issues involve either poor attendance, excessive use of the internet (especially Facebook), as well as hourly texting on cell phones. Although I'm trying to be reasonable, I'm at my wits end with this behavior. I've even threatened job loss although this doesn't seem to phase these young employees. Do you have any suggestions or particular advice?


Revoking A Job Offer

Nov 13th, 2017

My question involves a conditional offer of employment for a law enforcement position in the state of Wisconsin. The conditional offer of employment has been given (candidates must successfully pass a medical, psychological, drug screen and physical agility) and during the medical exam, it is disclosed the candidate is HIV positive. Can the conditional offer of employment be declined on this fact or is a subject with HIV/AIDS applying for a law enforcement position considered a protected class?


Self Assessments - What Is the Best Approach?

Sep 11th, 2017

Our company asks all employees to complete a self assessment come annual review time. My self assessment is due to my manager at the end of the month. Although I've had the form for over two weeks, I've yet to draft anything on the form. I dread this time of year and never know the proper and/or professional way to approach the self review. Do I highlight all of my accomplishments or only a handful? Do I fully admit my errors? If I admit any downfalls, will my merit increase be considerably lower than that of my co-workers? As my manager has now close to 20 reports, I have a strong feeling that many of my individual contributions will go unnoticed. How might I best position myself appropriately without looking like I'm boasting?


Employee Absenteeism

Jul 23rd, 2017

My employee has been missing a tremendous amount of work lately and has called in at least four times this past month. As a customer service representative, her role is crucial to both our customers, as well as other employees within our department, as our call volume is busy this time of year. We are a remote location with very few resources to rely upon. I've asked our employee the reasons for her absences and each time she vaguely states that it's a "personal thing". Should I demand an answer more specific than this and state that I must know the reason in order for her to keep her job? Also, what can I say to other employees about the situation? Anything? I certainly don't want to get into any legal trouble although I feel foolish by not providing any answers or explanations to the others.