Consulting Services

Climate Assessments/ Employee Opinion Surveys

What exactly is a Climate Assessment? A Climate Assessment is an organizational tool that diagnoses your current company culture. Through the use of either automated software or via the focus group method, these cultural audits provide an organization with a  “snapshot” of the current employee environment, depicting the overall strengths/opportunity areas in your business.

Overall benefits of conducting an organizational Climate Assessment include:

  • Increased Employee Satisfaction
  • Decreased Employee Turnover (specifically in high turnover areas)
  • Increased Quality/Productivity Measures
  • Improved Customer Rating Scores
  • Improved Financial Results
  • Sustained High-Performance Culture (long-term)

Separate from an employee engagement survey, the Climate Assessment is conducted mid-year, depicting broader organizational issues, cultural norms and value systems. An in-depth benchmark, this specialized assessment focuses on the "whys" behind employee actions and probes deeper into the roots of employee engagement and non-engagement. An extremely powerful process for any size organization.