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Performance Management

Are you faced with employee relations issues relative to your non-performers? Are your leaders frustrated by the lack of improvement in select personnel and need additional methods or techniques in which to help turn the situation around?

Performance Management is a key element in retaining your talent. The Stolp Group offers powerful tools to help your leaders more effectively manage their employee base. Our ultimate goal is to retain your performers in the organization and to legally "manage out" those that fail to meet defined role expectations.

At all times, The Stolp Group ensures the employee is being treated fairly, with dignity and respect, and receiving regular, communicated expectations from his/her leader. If warranted, we will also involve legal counsel to provide the most appropriate strategy in managing any liable situation at hand.   We know from experience that certain individuals may be on the right bus, so to speak, just not sitting in the right seat on the bus.

The Stolp Group will partner with you to determine the most cost-effective, efficient, and respectful course of action for every individual situation.