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New Leader Onboarding

With the fast-paced nature of today’s business, the pressure has never been greater for newly hired leaders to assimilate quickly into their new organization. Due to the higher recruitment and selection costs, it is imperative that the onboarding process of any new supervisor be taken seriously.

The Stolp Group offers a systematic onboarding process that provides a new leader with a toolkit of techniques, each aimed at fostering a smooth assimilation into their new position within your company. Our most popular method, the Onboarding Department Workshop, is being widely used by clients. This workshop addresses employee needs in group forum, allowing the leader to more quickly understand the state of the department, which specific pitfalls to avoid and the various personalities of his/her direct reports.

Our overall model provides a framework that will enable your new leader to take charge quickly and effectively, communicating a sincere, dedicated approach to their success in your organization.