Consulting Services

Sensitivity Training for Leaders

Due to our ever-increasing influx of different cultures, norms and personalities, it is imperative organizations remain "proactive" by offering Sensitivity Training to leadership teams. Operating a Respectful Workplace Culture not only buffers an organization from legal action, it helps build a professional, values-driven environment, promoting solid organizational growth.

Our Sensitivity Training includes the following concepts:

  • Harassment/Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Cultural Awareness (Diversity) in the Workplace

We discuss legal education, awareness, specialty tips and other recommendations on how to handle any of the above situations occurring in your business. We also customize a portion of the training to reflect your current organizational policies, and if without specific policies, we will work in tandem with you to assist in the creation of those policies.

The Stolp Group also offers a condensed training for your employee base, highlighting the procedures and overall company expectations in the event any of the above topics surface. This employee training greatly enhances your ability to promote a positive culture, one that is free of any type of harassment or discrimination.