Ask Sheri

Sheri Stolp, PHR, is a published author, speaker, coach, trainer, and founder of The Stolp Group Inc, encompassing 15+ years of human resources management experience within various Fortune 500 organizations.

Hiring Assessments

Sep 30th, 2016

I'm currently in transition and have been interviewing at various employers in the Twin Cities. I hold a Bachelors Degree and 25+ years in my field. I'm always amazed at the differences in company hiring processes, where some employers take only weeks to make their decision while others months. I've also been recently asked to take certain hiring assessments, as part of the process. I've now completed the Hogan Cultural Inventory and the Wonderlic, as well as I was asked to participate in an onsite, full-day Leadership Assessment at a third party vendor. What is your view of these tools? Other hiring assessments? Is it legal for employers to remove candidates if they score poorly on the assessment? Can I legally ask for my results of these assessments?


Co-Worker Issues

Sep 8th, 2015

I have two very talented people on my team (of 28) who have a great passion for the business and their areas of responsibility. I am satisfied with their individual performance. The problem is they do not work well together. There is a lack of trust and respect for one another and when they need to collaborate we are sometimes delayed because of the time needed to work through the relationship issues between the two of them. This of course has an impact on the team at large. The three of us have had 2 lengthy conversations about this and they have attempted to resolve on their own as well but these attempts have only resulted in temporary changes in behavior. I am not (yet) at a place where I am contemplating job action or reassignment with either of them. I am looking for another step that would help them work better together. What do you think? Any suggestions about next steps?


Strong Individual Performer, Weak Leader

Jun 18th, 2015

I currently manage a small branch office in the banking industry. My #2 person has worked for me for close to five years now and through her performance and overall work ethic, I feel my decision to promote her has been justified. She places high standards on herself and has the capacity to not only grow our business but also take over my position when I depart. Herein the lies the problem: her overall stress interferes with her ability to be a good leader to others. When under pressure, she becomes short with her team and on occasion, I even witness her poor attitude affecting customers. I've talked to her once already about this, in which she apologized and then maintained good performance for a short time after. Now however, not only am I recognizing the behavior again, two of her subordinates have paid me a visit lodging complaints. Any ideas how to rectify the situation?


The Millennial Generation

Mar 22nd, 2015

I've been a small business owner for over two decades although now seem to be dealing with daily problems involving, shall I say our "younger" generation. Issues involve either poor attendance, excessive use of the internet (especially Facebook), as well as hourly texting on cell phones. Although I'm trying to be reasonable, I'm at my wits end with this behavior. I've even threatened job loss although this doesn't seem to phase these young employees. Do you have any suggestions or particular advice?


Merit Increase Dilemma

Dec 21st, 2014

Considering the economy, our organization simply cannot afford to provide employees the normal annual merit increase i.e. 2 or 3%. Our management team has been debating the proper course of action here, with some advocating the need to offer a small amount, averaging 1-1.5%, while others nothing at all. I defer to the group on most occasions, although with the uncertainty of 2010, I'm personally in the camp of offering a 0% increase and generating employee motivation in other ways. Can you offer any insight here? I should also note, we did experience a small-scale layoff during the 2nd quarter this year.